MAGAZINE January 14th, 2021


Davide Gallo, founder of Programma, recounts the origin of his brand and the values that influence its creative process.

When and how did fashion come into your life? 

I come from the world of architecture. Architecture is the divine figure that oversees all design choices, whatever the scale the project may be. "From the teaspoon to the city" as Ernesto Nathan Rogers put it, to me fashion has always seemed to have a design scale which offers greater opportunities for renewal and the ability to keep alive the dynamism which is second nature to the modern world.

When was Programma established and what were its founding ideas ?

Programma was founded in 2018 with the ambition of defining an autonomous creative language in constant evolution. A code taken from a classical vision but always blended with variations and dissonances that corrupt the language.

What is the philosophy and the brand’s DNA?  

The brand’s philosophy is inextricably linked to the ethical approach to sustainability. The brand’s DNA is a combination of classical but strong lines and a minimal but romantic look. 

Sustainability plays a key role in the production process of your brand. Where and how much is Programma sustainable?

Sustainability shouldn’t be an accessory nor a label with which other types of meanings are conveyed. The intention is to minimise the environmental impact  whatever the production scale. Programma only uses natural materials from controlled supply chains or cloth from deadstock or destined for pulping. At the moment we are developing the theme of upcycling for a whole line of products.

Where and how are your garments made?

The studio and headquarters are located a few kilometers from Rome, the production is linked to small close by laboratories in order to allow constant dialogue and careful attention at every stage of the process.

What are you showcasing at the WSM Fashion Reboot?

The dynamics of this difficult year have affected the whole world. Programma is also reconsidering some aspects of the production and retail process and needs to readjust. We are therefore presenting the brand archive, with the garments that have defined the image in these first two years. The WSM project offers us the opportunity to remain in an important showcase in this transition period, allowing us to be in the present and plan for the future.


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