MAGAZINE June 18th, 2021



Tell us about the philosophy behind your products and your brands dna

Exploring concepts of uniform and liturgical clothing, marzo’s creations are known for their steady evolving simple, yet rigorously considered signature garments such as the heavy t-shirt. The material dialect sandro marzo speaks strongly reminds the rural, rough and barren southern italian landscape where marzo’s roots lie.

Where and how do you produce your garments?

All sandro marzo clothing and accessories are handmade in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. 

What are you presenting during this WSM edition?

After the global lockdown, schools are now open again everywhere and the label sandro marzo is dedicating its 11th collection to the topic „Back to School“. The last spring / summer collection is almost completely black and is all about mourning for lost time. A whole year marked by loss, uncertainty and delayed glimmers of hope. This year the standstill is to be broken and a new and positive era with fruitful ideas and activities will be brought. Courage for change should shape further education in spiritual, social and scientific fields. The new SS22 collection of the sandro marzo label is therefore more colorful than all previous collections. Monochrome colors such as black and gray are also recurring in this collection, because these dominate and distinguish the label. In addition to the parka and bomber jacket, the label has designed a fictional school logo that is embroidered on selected items of clothing. The logo is based on the symbols of the trullis from Alberobello (Apulia). The symbols come from primitive, religious and magical worlds. sandro marzo opted for the symbols of heaven, earth and hell for earth, which translates as „stay grounded“, which should represent a down-to-earth attitude and the simplicity and prudence in life.

Sustainability is more and more a hot topic in fashion, is Sandro Marzo a responsible brand?

Sandro marzo has been supporting the NGO ekwal since 2019 and donates a contribution to the Zurich association for each item sold, which implements school and environmental projects in Kwale, Kenya. When it comes to material selection, sandro marzo places a strong focus on sustainably certified materials. The designer works with recycled cotton, organic cotton, BCI and GOTS, among others.

Future projects? 

We at sandro marzo are working on some collaboration with other fashion and sound designer. Follow us on instagram @sandromarzo and stay tuned.