MAGAZINE June 19th, 2021



Simone Botte is a graphic designer who works in a fairly famous fashion company: by the time he is realizing that through clothing he could begin to have his say. The idea of ​​the Simon Cracker brand arrived in 2010 but Simone began to express himself only 4 years later, when in a sleepless night he started to unroll fabrics and emptied cans of paint on them. From those gestures of pure and desperate creativity an aesthetic sign was born: the aspiration of breaking the old to create the new.

Describe your brand in a nutshell

Irreverent, familiar, easy-going, homemade, from Romagna. Free range, fun, DIY. Conscious.

What does sustainability mean for you?

My grandfather always said not to throw things away but to think about whether they could be useful in other forms and functions. Throughout my career I have always made this reasoning, dedicating part of the collection to upcycling. In 2021 I felt the need to do more, creating the entire collection with materials taken from my personal warehouse: discarded fabrics, boxes of unsold items from closed stores, tailored suits forgotten in laundries and never collected, kg and kg of trimmings, buttons, applications and costume jewelery found over the years and accumulated in shoe boxes.

What other values ​​do you care about?

I would like to do more for people like me who are unable to express themselves and express their feelings. I have suffered a lot and I would like to help those who seek their own way of venting through creativity, but perhaps do not have people around them who believe in this solution. I have always had problems with labels, I do not want to be cataloged as an object or a fabric sample. In life everyone is unique and special exactly because they are different from anyone else.

Where do you produce and using which materials?

At the moment everything is in Cesena, with local seamstresses and knitters, with the local  ladies who have seen me grow up. I don't have a huge production and therefore I can still afford it, but I'm already working on ideas with Italian companies for my launch in Asia in a few years.

Your aesthetic sense.

I am tied to memories, colors and scents of my childhood. Elegance is represented by the outfits my grandfather Amedeo used to wear on Sundays and the main color is the one of the skirt my grandmother Alba used to wear during special occasions. The extravagance is from my aunt Rita, who dressed like a tomboy when she was 18 and took me to bowling. My mom, on the other hand, pushes me to sew a garment myself and taking it away from the seamstress because she does not understand what I have in mind, as she used to do when she was not happy with the items in her closet and created her own ones for Saturday occasions.

Craftsmanship: to what extent is it important for your brand?

At the crucial moment, everything is done by hand, perhaps not perfectly or perhaps deliberately not perfect.

Tell us about your latest collection.

The SS22 collection confuses me too. A beautiful confusion that starts from the phrase “seasons are changing”. It is a mix of summer-shaped wool garments, light shirts and cropped sweaters with a very high collar. All the outerwear and shirts have my wrong posture, which people have been criticizing for years. I enjoyed seeing people that way, and the result was that people wearing the oversized jackets with that  front-forward curve detail, felt more confident. The journey continues with the tribute dresses to the hotels of the Riviera with the same furniture of the 60s and the references to altar boys in the fringed damask suits. Accessories are becoming a fundamental part: all the jewels have been incorporated into the opaque rubber as if they were frozen while the shoes, as usual, are made with Enrica Ramilli, an entrepreneur of vegan footwear from Cesena.



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