Responsible Innovation January 14th, 2021


What is the philosophy of the brand?

"Everything is contained in our name, WAO the eco effect shoes. The eco effect is the sum of the various stages of product development: choice of natural or regenerated materials, chemical-free dyes, degradable sole, circular economy, donations to environmental agencies, correct disposal of the product ".

What is the iconic product?

“Without a doubt the shoes. It is currently a model made of two materials, hemp or 100% regenerated nylon. The aesthetics of the shoe is clean and essential, because in this first phase of the debut we wanted to be transversal and let the concept of the project pass more than a whimsical aesthetic; but we are also planning to develop a running shoe that will certainly have more character. In addition to footwear, we also offered organic cotton t-shirts, tactile books produced with production waste and water bottles to raise awareness and encourage the abandonment of single-use plastic ".

Do you follow the seasons?

"No. The products are designed to last over time as continuous"

 Do you place yourself as a sustainable brand: where do you think there is room for improvement?

"We are an innovative start-up, born to bring innovation to the world of clothing, precisely in the field of environmental sustainability. From the very beginning we have shared a code of ethics and the traced supply chain on the home page of the site. To validate the supply chain and certify it, we are in the process of activating a blockchain: this will certainly lead us to improve our transparency even more ".

How important is the craftsmanship factor in your creations?

"The natural dyes are obtained from the pigment extracted from the dyeing plants, a process that makes each shoe unique as they are not chemical dyes made in series"

What questions did you ask yourself in 2020 and what answers do you hope to find in 2021?

"Since we have been talking about eco-sustainability linked to the world of clothing for years and noting the amount of greenwashing that is still rampant, one of the questions we ask ourselves is whether consumers will finally be more critical and selective in choosing which products to buy. The pandemic has certainly made people aware of the ecological footprint and we hope that awareness and information on what lies behind a production chain will increase more and more ".



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