PAST EDITIONS June 18th, 2021


For the January 2021 edition WSM Fashion Reboot showcased over 40 men's and gender fluid collections with artisan and sustainable DNA on the new digital platform. A series of companies and brands that represent the new frontier of modern craftsmanship in which production techniques and handmade items are important, revisited with new technologies or with a more modern approach to the product and image.

Among the protagonists of the sustainability section, consolidated presences such as Tiziano Guardini, Patrick McDowell, Blue of a kind, Yekaterina Ivankova, Froy, an experimental knitwear brand founded by Arman Avetikyan, Bobblehaus that addresses to Gen-Z with a mix of fashion, music, art and entertainment, NTMB (acronym for NEVER TOO MUCH BASIC) collective Made in Naples that works on the concept of customization and craftsmanship, up to Denim, founded in 2014 by two cousins ​​(it is in fact the acronym of Parimbelli cousins ), which produces high quality denim in a sustainable way. On the side of contemporary craftsmanship, among the brands on show: the sophisticated knitwear by Lucques, the modular backpacks by Artichoke Bags, the hats by CHATTouché, the workwear-inspired jackets by Vanadio23, the gender fluid shirts by Waxman Brothers, up to the project by clothing by Wundercamera Wardrobe born in 2018 as a wardrobe of Wundercamera Lab, an art direction agency founded by Monica Lardera and Riccardo Forlini.

The project was enriched by a rich calendar of 10 webinars including the one with Laura Burdese, CEO and President of Acqua di Parma, who introduced the maison's sustainable development strategy and its focus on Italian artisan realities. Talking  about sustainable innovation in the world of textiles WSM hosted some of the current global leaders in the sector, such as Patrik Lundstrom, CEO of Renewcell. To be mention also the talk dedicated to the theme of ARTivism - Art for a positive change in which Paolo Naldini (CEO and Director of Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto) and Marina Spadafora (Country coordinator Fashion Revolution Italia) have been moderators.

Several partners have been involved in the project: institutions such as Fashion Revolution Italia, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte (which promotes a "new Renaissance" of artistic crafts, especially aimed at young people), IDEE Brand platform through own project Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP) new platform which, through an algorithm of its own creation and blockchain technology, offers an environmental and ethical assessment of emerging brands at international level, connecting them with buyers, up to The Sustainables. Agency & Showroom, an international reality that promotes sustainable innovation.