WSM | WHITE is a format with a double soul, namely B2B and B2C, designed to foster retail and the dialogue with the prosumers, the consumer-actors of the present day and of the future. A fashion reboot focussing on sustainability, open to the public and with a premium selection of brands on show, ranging from street culture to sportswear and fashion labels.

This interaction in terms of contents is opening up new scenarios in the trade-fair panorama, also thanks to a calendar rich in events, talk shows, workshops and engagement activities for the visitors, made even more appealing through the presentations of the collections showcased. The event is AAA - All Access Area - accessible for free to a selected audience (through online subscription) and insiders. The January 2019 edition has almost reached 15thousand presences, going to attest to its popularity and prominence.

At WSM | WHITE, the latest trends nd fertile ground, its eco-friendly forward- looking vision generates unique opportunities for a direct dialogue among street, sports and fashion brands and their a cionados. Furthermore, the digital dimension plays a paramount role, with international in uencers who – from across the globe – take part in the event and directly interact with the show and with their followers, directing the attention on Milan and on the event. This is a show with a dynamic and contemporary language, which looks to the future, where culture, sustainability, entertainment, business opportunities and communication coexist, with no barriers between the business world and the “consum-actor”.